Published On: 17 February, 2023

Our latest Rural Division project Greendale Vic

Our rural earth moving division has been hard at work in the picturesque town of Greendale, Victoria. Nestled amongst rolling hills and lush greenery, this idyllic location required our expertise to transform a simple driveway entrance into a tidy and welcoming path.

With precision and care, our team embarked on the task of shaping the land to create an aesthetically pleasing entryway. We understand that first impressions matter, especially in rural settings where homes are often surrounded by sprawling landscapes. By meticulously leveling the ground and side embankments we ensured that the property owners would be greeted by a seamless drive up to their home.

But our work didn’t stop there – we also cut out a shed slab for this property owner. This involved carefully excavating and leveling  the designated area ready for concrete slab to be laid.

Protraxx’s rural division continues its endeavors around the western regions of  Victoria, if you have are after Rural works, motocross tracks or even both contact us today for a no-obligation  quote.

We offer Humm finance options for our works ask us for more information.


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