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We have had the pleasure in working with some great film companies throughout the years helping them to achieve the best back drops for their films.

Recently we worked with  Rachel Clements and Trisha Morton-Thomas at Brindle Films to build their Motorcycle track as the main stage of their 10-part series MaveriX.

The brief – A backyard style motocross training track in Outback northern Territory, Australia that had the look of being on the site for many years. The outer vegetation of the track was not to be altered or moved as to keep its look of an old pre-existing track.

We at Protraxx created solutions to bring soil in to the site and to build the track with the right equipment to meet the brief.

Creating an epic motorcycle track for the big screen requires expertise, planning, and collaboration.

The successful partnership with Brindle films resulted in a track that was not only visually stunning but also safe and functional for the film crew and riders. The track showcased the excitement of motocross and provided an unforgettable experience for both riders and viewers.

This partnership with Brindle films also sets an example for future projects in the film industry. By working together, Brindle films were able to push boundaries and create something truly unique. With the right combination of expertise and collaboration, there are endless possibilities for creating epic motorcycle tracks for the big screen.

Check out MaveriX  Season 1 Here –

Check out Season 1 of MaveriX on the ABC  iView app

Keeping to brief landscape untouched around the track

Creating a track that appears aged over the years

Our Services

Experienced track builders with a focus on form, flow and functionality

The man behind the machine; Josh Proctor has built Protraxx from the ground up with 10+ years of experience. With an ever growing portfolio of custom builds, Josh has worked on 280+ custom builds ranging from private facilities, to world class events such as the renowned AUS-X Open.

Helping to bridge the gap between motocross and film production

Our expertise in track building, and managing the expectations of film production builds the foundation for any great production.

1. Get in Touch

The customer will reach out to us with an idea of what they are after with any special requests and information required to commence the build discovery.

2. Build Discovery

In this phase we discuss the land size, dirt quality, style of track, rider’s ability, the budget and any other information we may need to know before getting started.

3. Build Commences

Once a date has been decided, we will come out to your property with the equipment necessary to get the job done. When we arrive we will walk the track layout and lock-in the final details.

4. Enjoy the Ride

Time to ride your all new custom track! Once the track is built and final property clean-up is completed the track is all yours; ready to rip… be sure to take a sight lap first!

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