Published On: 2 June, 2022

New Motocross track build for Edenhope Motorcycle club Victoria

This motocross track build for Edenhope Motorcycle club was definitely a fun one to have added to our books .

The club, which was previously focused solely on off-road racing, had recently acquired a plot of land and saw the potential for expanding their events to include motocross races. They approached us with the task of building a motocross track that could not only accommodate local events, but also meet the standards for State and National level competitions. We were thrilled to take on this project and work closely with the club to bring their vision to life.

After a meeting with the club and site visit, we were able to come up with a design that would suit the club’s needs and the terrain of the land.

In addition to building the track itself, we also assisted the club with their track map and licensing requirements for Motorcycling Australia / Victoria.

This included creating detailed track maps and layouts that met the standards set by Motorcycling Australia.

We also worked on a new logo for the club.

The track featured a variety of jumps, tabletops, berms and other obstacles that would be fun for all riders and also some jumps that could challenge skilled riders.

Overall, the motocross track build for the Edenhope Motorcycle club was a project that showcased our team’s expertise and passion for the sport.

We were honored to be a part of the club’s expansion and help them achieve their goal of hosting top-level motocross events. It was a true collaboration between our team and the club, and we look forward to seeing the track being used for many successful races in the future.


Firstly everyone in our club absolutely LOVES our new MX track. The Protraxx team is completely professional and extremely easy to deal with. Josh asked what we were looking for in a MX track and delivered that 10 fold. Nothing was to hard. We couldn’t be happier. There is nothing as a club we would change and we honestly for the site available to us we have one of the best motocross tracks in Australia. Completely world class. My only advice to any club thinking about building a new track or doing serious renovations is to get Protraxx you will not be disappointed!

Paul Colegate – Club Secretary

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