Published On: 2 March, 2023

Large private motocross track build near Ballarat Victoria

It’s always great to see a project come together and knowing that it will bring joy and a good time to the Tuddenham family.

Located in Bunniyong Victoria.

The motocross build started with a blank canvas, a large plot of land with endless possibilities.

We met with Adam and his family to discuss their vision and ideas for the track.

We wanted to make sure that their dream track would come to life and exceed their expectations.

Together, we carefully planned and designed the track, taking into consideration the natural features of the land and incorporating them into the layout.

We also made sure to include challenging obstacles and jumps that would test the skills of their son Chase.

As we began the construction process, the weather proved to be a challenge. But our team persevered and worked tirelessly to bring the track to life.

From clearing and grading the land to building jumps and berms, every step was carefully executed to ensure a safe and thrilling track.

We are proud to have been a part of this motocross build for the Tuddenham family and we can’t wait to see them tearing up the track.

This project is a testament to our passion for motocross and our commitment to providing top-quality tracks for riders of all levels. We hope that this track will become a place for the Tuddenham family to bond and have fun together, and for other riders in our MX community to come and enjoy.

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