Published On: 2 May, 2023

Fun family motocross track build – Elaine Victoria

Our team recently took on a fun project – building a motocross track for a family of young riders in Elaine Victoria. The Hux family approached us with their goal of having a safe place to ride and practice their motocross skills.

The track we built is specifically designed for the young riders to grow into, with safety being our top priority. We carefully considered every aspect, from the layout and size of the jumps. We wanted to make sure that the track was not only fun and challenging but also safe for the riders.

We are confident that this motocross track will not only provide endless hours of fun and entertainment for the family but also help the young riders develop and improve their skills. As they continue to practice and ride on the track, they will gain confidence and hone their techniques.

It was a pleasure to work with Hux family and thank them for having us out to their property to build this fun track.

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