Published On: 13 April, 2023

Motocross build Gol Gol NSW.

Recently we completed this build on the outskirts of Gol Gol, New South Wales, the Metcalfe’s reached out to us to build a track that would elevate their boys Lachy & Blake’s, racing skills.
Envisioning a sanctuary that embraced all levels of riders, this determined family called upon our team to design a motocross haven like no other. We took their dreams to heart, crafting an epic track that would surpass their expectations. We were thrilled to transform their vision into a tangible reality.
Our primary goal was to ensure Lachy’s transition from Enduro to Motocross and to create the ultimate motocross track for riders of all skill levels. Consequently, the track was embellished with a plethora of carefully curated obstacles, each designed to challenge and inspire riders on various levels.
However, the magic did not end with the final touches on the track. Our excitement was further fueled by the revelation that this exceptional family had gone the extra mile. They had installed a cutting-edge sprinkler system, transforming the track into an oasis of loamy soil throughout the year.
Our journey with this remarkable family has been one filled with laughter, dedication, and shared passion. We are honored to have built this dream track and to witness the joy it brings to the entire family.

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