Published On: 30 April, 2024

All new Motocross track for Mount Isa Motocross club QLD

Recently we received a great project for the Mount Isa Motorcycle Club in Mount Isa, QLD.

The club approached us with a request to create a new track that would enhance the rider experience and make better use of their limited space.

We assessed the available area and identified opportunities to maximize its potential. We designed a all new track that catered to riders of all abilities, from beginners to experienced racers.

By utilizing the space efficiently, we were able to create a flowing and enjoyable layout that challenged riders while ensuring their safety.

The new track features a variety of technical sections, including jumps, corners, and obstacles, that test riders’ skills.

It also incorporates beginner-friendly elements to accommodate riders of all levels. The result is a track that promotes skill development, encourages competition, for the Mount Isa Motorcycle Club.

We meticulously designed our track in accordance with Motorcycling Australia’s stringent track standards.

This rigorous process involved adhering to specific regulations and specifications to ensure the track met the highest levels of safety and performance required by motorcycling Australia.

We also provided the club with detailed track maps and all necessary documentation required by Motorcycling Australia / MQ.

This comprehensive approach ensured a seamless re-licensing process, By meeting the rigorous requirements set forth by Motorcycling Australia.


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